Game – matching equations and characteristics

I tried this matching activity with my grade nine academic math class just a few weeks ago. It was very successful as it allowed me to recognize which students needed a little one on one time to better understand how to rearrange a standard form linear equation to become the slope intercept form.

I gave minimal instructions to the students and told them that each group was going to receive forty cards. There are five linear equations that are represented within the forty cards – it was their job to sort them. First team with correct sets of solutions won a prize!
That meant that there are eight cards relating to each question. Four of those eight were in either standard, slope intercept or some rearrangement of the equation of a line.
It took the students about fifteen minutes to complete the activity. I had a much clearer picture of which students understood all the associated academic vocabulary and in turn who needed some extra help time or mini-lessons.

Some of the cardsCards spread outSome student work

A little more student work…..