The activity:

A few of the data cards...

Students (in pairs or threes) were given a set of two points (both on one card) on a line, a random slope, a random y-intercept and told they were to confirm or deny if they had the correct characteristics that went with their set of points. If they were not the correct characteristics, students are allowed to “steal” (or trade) their characteristic from another group. Once they had the points, characteristics and built an equation of a line to confirm (or somehow showed evidence) they were to confirm with the instructor.

Work and MaterialsStudents worked very hard during this activity.Working Away


Part 2:
Students confirmed Part 1 by giving the linear equation in slope intercept form. Once they did this, I posed another question.
“What would you have done differently if I had only given your group the set of points and the equation of a line?” “How would you confirm or deny they were a match?”
I walked away from the students – some instantly called me back with a variety of answers, and some spent a few minutes thinking about what tools they would select to solve this new problem.

What if I only gave you these cards....?

Some evidence on the calculator?

The Ask-Auto method of confirmation!


– data cards (file attached)

Game – matching slopes, matching y-intercepts to lines from two points or two characteristics

– graphing calculators (had already taught students how to use the table feature).
– graphing paper (or graphing wipe boards with dry erase markers)